About Me

I am a writer, author, seamstress and artist  living in Oklahoma. I grew up on a rural farm, sandwiched with my little sister between two older and two younger brothers. I like to say we were the sweet creamy center of the sibling Oreo.  I married my husband the day before my 19th birthday in October of 1978 and through that union, God blessed us with three beautiful, fun, and sometimes challenging children; all who are now grown, beginning families of their own.

Whether through writing, posting on Facebook, or the occasional speaking engagement, my passion is simply to share Jesus Christ with others, and how He delivered me from a world of darkness I had created, while loving and blessing me beyond all I ever asked or imagined. 

I love to read, am quite comfortable in blue jeans and t-shirts, not really a morning person, nor a chocolate lover. My personality is inclined toward solitude, but love to balance that through Christian fellowship and getting together with good friends and close family. I love hot coffee, sour candy and sweet rolls!

I love my church; I love to listen to Praise and Worship and I love the Scriptures, but I am in love with Jesus Christ, and seek to view life and live life through the lens of His love and grace.

In a personal vision assignment recently, I divided my life into decades in order to “see” a snapshot of my life. It looks something like this: 

Decade 1:  Spiritual awareness; creativity stirred
Decade 2:  "Self" Awareness
Decade 3:  Spiritual Rebellion
Decade 4:  Spiritual Resurrection/Creativity revived
Like so many Christian authors, never did I intend to write and I certainly never intended to actually publish a book. Therefore, when people ask, “How did you ever start to write a book”, with a smile I tell them, “With a letter to my Dad”. In 1993, I wrote a letter to my Dad on Father’s Day. It turned out to become the launch pad for my book.

I consider writing as a tool in ministry. It is my desire to write in such a way as to encourage others; not to DO religious stuff, but to simply take possession of what is already theirs in Christ, daily seeking to be like Him until the day we see Him as He is. (Num. 33:53, 1 John 3:2)

As FOLLOWERS and DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST, we have a mission to tell others within our personal sphere not just how He saved us, but how He leads us every single day. With boldness and passion, and in the spirit of love, I encourage you to share Christ with those around you. Heaven and earth testify to the power and glory of God. Our lives should testify to the world of the glory and power of God.

Find your way to do that, in Jesus’ name.