Moments Like These

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Yesterday, I spent the most wonderful day with my mother. We do this about every three weeks. It has become our official Mother/Daughter routine with lunch, “mani-pedi”, errands, ‘Hardback’ coffee, and then free time shopping and browsing—and pretty much in that order. 

Every time is the same—but different. . .

The day’s events begin with the sound of her voice as she enters my home, “I’m here!” or “It’s Mom!” And I’m usually running behind trying to figure out what to wear, or waiting for a pair of jeans to dry. We both grab a go-cup of coffee, run through a quick summary of errands to coordinate our plans, break huddle, and board my vehicle. 

Some days the chatter starts immediately; other days it’s less “chatty”, and that’s okay. There have been times we’re dabbing our eyes with tissues as the conversation takes a solemn turn. Then there are times we are doing the same because we are laughing so hard we snort and embarrass ourselves, which makes us laugh even harder (making it difficult to drive, by the way). 

As we pull into the parking lot of our favorite eatery, our comments are always the same. “I hope there’s not a long line.” But of course, there usually is which matters not. We love this place. So we order our usual soup and salad—hold the onions, please (since the nail tech sits so closely)—drool over desserts but rarely purchase, order one sweet tea, one regular tea with  lemon, then scout the room for seating availability.

Some days, seating is immediate; other days we stand, drinks in hand . . . waiting . . . surveying each table for "wrapping-it-up" clues, maybe locking eyes with someone who is obviously finished but apparently does not notice the OTHER PEOPLE WAITING TO BE SEATED!  Okay, I’m kidding . . .  sort of.

Our order arrives and we “ooh and ahh” over the bread and still wonder why they don’t let the pats of butter thaw before lunch. The conversation slows as we consume the mound of fresh spinach embellished with croutons, cheese, mushrooms, bacon and blue cheese, soaked in their special dressing. (Oh so good!) 

Mom getting her nails done
Finally finished, we dig through our purses like a treasure hunt for breath mints and then zip across the street to the nail salon, which is always an enjoyable, often interesting, but relaxing part of our day. Then, digitally rejuvenated for three more weeks, we venture off to run errands, which, as mentioned earlier, have been strategically coordinated for time efficiency. 

Following errands, it coffee time!  A while back, I introduced her to my favorite coffee, a bookstore brand called Hardback coffee, as well as their scrumptious raspberry/white chocolate scones and blueberry muffins. The perfect mid-day pick-me-up as we make our way to some of our favorite places to browse and dream, always wishing we had a blank check from an unlimited account. (Wouldn’t that be fun?) 

At last, with all objectives fulfilled, having notified both headquarters of our return, we voyage home—physically exhausted, but thoroughly pleased with our day.  

I love this day, and am already looking forward to our next scheduled day. I have come to appreciate my mother so much throughout my adult years, and I cherish these intimate moments together.  

Heavenly Father, many of my friends no longer have their mothers, while others are separated by miles or lack of forgiveness. I am blessed that I still have mine and appreciate her more each day. It was Your will that I be knitted together in her womb. Thank you, Lord. I have grown to realize what an amazing and extraordinary person she is. I did not know that as a child. Thank you for the precious moments we share together, especially those on our special Mother/Daughter outings. Bless her God, with good health, long life, and all the rich blessings of heaven. I pray that I will be the woman in the eyes of my children that she is in mine. In Jesus’ name, amen.