"Oh, For Grace to Love You More"

Several years ago, in my early studies of everything having to do with God, I came across this beautiful prayer in the back of a study course about developing our intimacy with God through worship. Before computers, I kept a handwritten copy in my Bible for years, and then eventually created a computer copy which is now saved to my files. I pull it up often to read through it again.  I memorized it once, but have since forgotten it. It is worthy of memorizing again.

Father, we cast ourselves at Your feet. You are the Lord God Almighty, Who keeps covenant from everlasting to everlasting. We acknowledge You as the God above all gods. You are exalted above all the heavens and the earth. There is no one like You, Lord. You are King, God! 

You are...

Supreme in Your authority,

Unquestionable in Your sovereignty,

Majestic in Your splendor,

Unparalleled in Your greatness,

Limitless in Your power,

Infinite in Your wisdom and knowledge,

Absolute in Your justice,

Magnificent in Your greatness,

Ingenious in Your creativity,

Dazzling in Your beauty

Indescribable in Your tenderness

Timeless in Your existence,

Matchless in Your grace,

Unswerving in Your faithfulness,

Unending in Your mercy,

Blazing in Your glory,

Awesome in Your holiness,

Fascinating in Your personality,  
And unfathomable in Your love.

God! God! God!
Oh, how our hearts leap within us as we look at You and say,
“Oh for grace to love You more.”

By Joy Dawson

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