Prayer for My Husband

For the past few months, my husband has mentioned frequent moments of tiredness. As usual, we tend to rationalize symptoms, blaming them on the stress of jobs or other things life brings--even our age. Last Wednesday, we learned it had nothing to do with his job or his age, but rather his heart. The final diagnosis of the cardiologist regarding my husband was that he had major blockage in nearly every artery around the heart. He needs 3 to 5 bypasses in order to function normally again. Please be in prayer with me. His surgery is May 17th.

Father in Heaven, thank you for our lives and for our health. I love You, Father and I love my husband. I am so grateful for him in my life and thankful for all You’ve done.

Thank you Father, that we may draw near to the throne of grace to find help in our time of need. Lord, we need You now, as my husband prepares for bypass surgery, as well as the long recovery in the days and weeks ahead. May he feel Your love and also feel the love of family and friends. Comfort him, Holy Spirit, and free him from worry and stress at this time. 

I am grateful, Lord, for the skilled surgeons and medical staff that will surround Chuck. I ask You to bless the doctors that will attend to him. Give them clarity and wisdom in every decision. May their skills be  strong, their hands be steady and sure, and may the operation go smoothly and successfully. Thank you, Father, for Your presence during surgery, to watch over Chuck and the hands of the doctors. 

Bless Chuck, Father, with speedy recovery, free from stress, illness, and any infection that might impede healing. Bless his body to respond positively to the surgery and all medications. Heal and restore his heart spiritually, Father, as well as physically. 

Thank you Lord, that You have created our bodies to heal. Send healing on the wings of Your Spirit. Be glorified Father, in Chuck’s surgery and his recovery. May Chuck return quickly to normal life and responsibilities. Thank you for loving him Father, even more than I do. 

Thank you for the blessing of resolute and faith-filled family and friends who surround us with strong and unswerving support. Thank you as well for the prayer warriors doing battle on their knees. Hear them from heaven, Lord, and bless them as they have blessed us. 

Thank you Father for opportunities to share our faith, even in the midst of our storms, and to show others of Your amazing love. Help me Lord, to remain steadfast in my spirit, to run and not grow weary, walk and not faint. As my mind is fixed on You Lord, You give me peace beyond description. 

Bless You God, and may Your kingdom come and Your will be done in the coming days. All glory and honor to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.