Wings of Change

 (This began as a letter for our daughter on her high school graduation in 2006)


To our daughter upon her high school graduation:

          Oh my, how history repeats itself!  

          Do you remember “Delvin”, your second grade project of nurturing a caterpillar?

          We called it the Butterfly Wannabe. 

          You watched carefully everyday for small changes taking place in God’s creation that was now under your care. You grew impatient, as the caterpillar seemed oblivious to the orders nature had given him. Eventually, a cocoon formed and at times you even wondered if it had died, as the cocoon appeared motionless and unresponsive.

          Then, after what seemed an eternity, but was only a couple weeks, you awoke one morning to see that while you were sleeping, a beautiful monarch butterfly had finally emerged. 
We shared in your excitement of this “nativity in a jar” and we rejoiced like proud parents, calling family and friends who were aware of your project.  However, the reality now struck. You knew what it was time to do. 

           The final stage of the assignment was to tag and release him from the school parking lot. As you removed the lid from the jar, Delvin seemed to hesitate, as if he was comfortable where he was.  Nevertheless, as the fresh air made its way into his snug surroundings, his wings began to flutter wildly. It just seemed he needed a little help to launch. 

          Tears fell from your eyes as you reached in and lifted him from the jar, releasing him into the wide open space.  But the tears turned to laughter and cheers when you observed the power and strength in his wings as the breeze lifted him higher and higher, until he flew out of sight. 

          We now come to the moment I have dreaded since the day they laid your warm body, wrapped as tightly as a cocoon, in my arms. My dear child, I’m sure what seemed an eternity to you, feels like only a few short weeks for me.  But, as the winds of change stir your soul, may they lift you ever higher into the wide open space of your future.            
          The memories of your childhood will always warm your heart, but it will be your vision and dreams that will propel you forward. Let your mind be stayed on Christ, your Way, your Truth, and your Life, and your paths will be straight.  Moreover, know we are proud of the beautiful young woman who emerged before our very eyes.   
          May God bless and keep you and may His grace shine upon you as we release you into the plans He has for you, now and forever. 

Love, Mom & Dad

          Dear Lord, How amazing it is to compare our life to the caterpillar that is surrounded by the cocoon and struggles until it emerges a beautiful butterfly. I pray that as we all struggle through life's challenges, that we learn to lean on You and allow the cocoon of Your love to surround us and that the circumstances and trials help mold each of us into the beautiful creature You want us to become. Thank You for all You do. In Jesus' name, Amen.