Love Song of Deception

(Dream in October 2010)

God can use dreams to speak to us in many ways: comfort, direction, prophesy, edification, exhortation, warnings, etc. In time, we begin to learn how to discern what is from God and what is not. God loves us to seek out His truths, but He also loves to reveal things to His people for our benefit as well.

On this night, I received a stark warning that bothered me at first, because I felt I knew exactly of its meaning and the purpose for the dream. I learned a valuable lesson in listening to my first instinct, which I know was the Spirit of God, rather than trusting the voice of “reason” that lays in the back of our minds waiting for an opportunity to strike.

In the dream, it was though I was watching a movie. The woman was in her home speaking on the phone to a man she did not know. A Christian song, in fact a familiar song that I knew very well, played in the background.

I remember being fearful as I watched this conversation unfold before my eyes. The 'man' presented himself as a brother-in-Christ, wooing her with loving words that seemed very encouraging and uplifting. The woman, blind to the true intentions of the man, naively received the encouragement. I wanted to scream at the woman to hang up the phone, but felt powerless to do so. I could only watch.

I was caught now between knowing the true intentions of the man, but not sure of how to convey that message to the woman. I was angered by the religious fa├žade and deception in the 'man', yet confused by the expressions of faith and encouragement I heard in the dream, as the religious music played in the background. The woman on the phone was still clueless.

Exasperated, I awoke from the dream to free myself from the fear and confusion. I contemplated the meaning of the dream, and felt I knew it was meant for a particular situation I was experiencing at that moment in time.

I learned later that the dream was in fact a warning of how the enemy often hides behind even religious activities and plans. He appears as the angel of light, deceiving and working through even mature believers, bringing "good news" of his own creation and for his own purposes, which are evil in nature. 

The enemy is indeed clever, and aware of our past as well as our tendencies, and will use them against us, looking for opportunities to kill or at least wound as many as possible in one sweep. All the better for him if he can even get two birds with one stone. 

Wisdom heeds the warnings that God brings to us and does not listen to the voice of Reason. Listening to 'reason' opens the door to the enemy to carry out his plans, and in this case, succeeded in toppling the building blocks of fellowship intended for God's glory.

I am thankful for the warnings of the Holy Spirit throughout the day as well as in our dreams. Perhaps His initial warnings by day go ignored, so He attempts to warn us by night. If both warnings are still ignored, He allows us to endure the pain of our unresponsiveness, that we might become more attentive to future warnings. It is His desire that His children walk in peace, security, wholeness, and holiness, in order to use us to an even greater capacity.