Jesus in Blue Jeans

(Dream in July 1992)

While some of our dreams are just a hodgepodge of random things in our lives, others are more personally ministering. The Lord knows what we need, and when we need it. He also knows best how to get our attention, and often, the mind is on overload throughout the day. For me, He knows of my vulnerable state in the nights and occasionally uses that particular state to minister to me in the most comforting and encouraging ways.

This dream came very early in my faith journey, and was in fact one of the first following my “deliverance” dream. God was slowly awakening my slumbering spirit, stirring me toward a deeper relationship with Him. Unsure of myself, I began wondering just how one has a "relationship" with God. God wanted me to understand that it is not a complicated issue, but does require sacrifice of many of the people, places or things of which we once approved and indulged. 

In the dream, I was in a home with a large gathering of people. It appeared to be a gathering of many of my friends, though I do not recall recognizing anyone specifically. Jesus was also there, walking among us, and looked very much like one of us. He wore dark blue jeans, and a white cotton long sleeved buttoned-collared shirt. Other than that, He looked much like the images we see most often.

I remember the feeling of wanting so desperately to get alone with Jesus. I kept looking for opportunities, but my friends continued to draw me away, distracting my attention from Him. Just as I saw an opportunity to speak with Him, someone pulled me away again. I watched over my shoulder often for His whereabouts, and for the next opportunity, but was never able to arrange that time alone with only Him, at least, not as long as my friends surrounded me.

I discerned this to be a dream of reflection of my deep yearning for Him and to develop a closeness with Him. I knew God was calling me out of the comfort of past relationships that sought only to distract me from His call on my life. The fact that He wore dark blue jeans and a white cotton shirt interested me, but I saw that as a reminder that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and is a very present help to us today. (Heb. 13:8, Ps. 46:1) 

Just as He became flesh and dwelt among us centuries ago, (John 1:14) He still walks closely with us today through His Spirit, and desires to dwell within the rooms of our hearts, as well as in our homes. God also desires fellowship with us as much, or even more than we do. He waits tenderly and patiently for us, longing for the moment we turn and draw close to Him, that He may in turn, draw near to us. (James 4:8)