Small Beginnings

Did you ever notice God loves to start from scratch? 

Like so many Christian authors never did I intend to write and I certainly never intended to write a book. Therefore, when people ask, “how did you ever start to write a book”, I tell them, “With a letter to my Dad”. It turned out to be the launch pad for my book. 

But I suppose I could trace back even a little further when my high school English teacher ignited that creative gift within me of which I was unaware of its use or purpose. I learned through a creative writing class several ways to express myself through different styles of writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, but sadly, did not recognize its significance and failed to follow through upon graduation. I was also spiritually blind at the time. 

However, God opened my eyes and heart in 1991 and for five years, I was completely ‘lost in love’ with my Savior and my God. He created a deep passion within me and a ravenous hunger and thirst for His Word I literally wore the cover off my leather bible. He was gradually restoring a very dry and thirsty soul. Then, in 1993, I wrote a personal letter to my dad on Father’s Day as a special gift using a story I remembered from childhood depicting my tender relationship with him. I paralleled the story to the precious relationship I had with my heavenly Father. I wrote another story for my mother on Mother’s Day a year later. For whatever reason, I then changed course and picked up portrait art for several years. 

But, in 2007, I sensed God urging me to put down my pastels and begin writing again. I truly felt that if I did not write, I would literally explode. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, the stories began to pour out of me onto my computer keyboard. Sensing also that God did not intend for me to write for an audience of only One, I approached our local newspaper about publishing a weekly Christian column. Readily accepted, it ran for 3 years. A year and a half into publishing the columns, my readers encouraged me to put them into a book. Unfamiliar to publishing, I typed “Christian publisher” into the search bar of my browser, found Tate Publishing in my home state, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

I consider writing as a tool for ministry. I never felt the call to travel abroad to foreign countries to preach the gospel in places without running water or flushing toilets. But just look around. People are walking in darkness all around us; many of them are right here in our communities. Sometimes, even in our churches.

If you are not only a believer, but a true FOLLOWER OF CHRIST, you have a mission to tell others not just how He saved you, but how He leads you every single day. With boldness and passion, step out and share Christ. 

Our world testifies to the power and glory of God. Our lives should testify to the world of the glory and power of God. Find your way to do that, whether in writing, painting, singing, speaking, teaching, giving, feeding, reaching—whatever it is, do it! 

Start today with whatever tools you have. Ask the Lord to lead you, opening doors for you to hone and then utilize your gifts, to the glory and praise of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.