Vision of the Branch

The year would have been around 1967. I was a small child, (around the age of 8), but God began to awaken my spirit, causing me to be attentive to Him and to love Him so very dearly. I did not understand it, but He allowed this tender closeness with Him that I have held so dearly to my heart my entire life, remembering it even in my days of rebellion. It was at that time that He also told me He would one day use me for "greater things". I somehow knew and fully trusted in what He said, but also knew that at age 8, I could not possibly understand, but that I would understand one day. How my mind at that age would understand that could only be explained by Divine inspiration.

Not long afterward, I was outdoors walking and talking to Him, pondering deeply on what He had said. I have always marveled at His creation to a depth that embarrassed me, because I didn't see anyone else doing that, and I thought I was weird (learned later it was a creative gift) But as I walked along pondering Him, I remember looking up into the sky as I marveled at its beauty, and closed my eyes. It was then I saw something that, again, I somehow knew was from God. 

I saw a small, blond, curly haired child standing in a cloud up to the knees, holding a small branch. The branch was not broken, but precisely cut on both ends. The branch appeared to be about 12 to 15 inches long, and was bare for the greater length with tiny shoots near the end closer to the child’s left hand. The sprigs were small, but I noticed budding leaves coming from the sprigs.  

I saw nothing more, only that, and it puzzled me, but I have remembered it so distinctly throughout the years.

Because I lacked spiritual guidance at that time, I kept the experience to myself, telling no one, feeling I would surely be considered a lunatic. I shut it up and within the next 7 years, fell into rebellion for nearly fifteen years. 

God, however, brought me back to the place of new beginnings starting in 1988, set me on a right path, and began to create in me a heart for the things of God. With a richer and deeper love for God that I’d never known before, I began a beautiful journey with Him as I now walked a new road with a greater vision. 

Today, some 40 years after the vision, I am beginning to see things finally unfold, and only recently has God brought me revelations regarding the vision I’d had as a child. This is what I felt I received from the Lord when I began to seek Him for the meaning of the vision: 
“You are the child. The branch is My Word at work in you, specifically purposed for you at the time I appointed. Though your faith appeared bare and lifeless for many years, it was not dead, but only dormant. You were not severed from the tree, but specifically “cut”, and pruned for My purpose and the manner for which I created you. I have been watching over My Word to perform it, bringing forth new life at the time for which I predestined it.” (Jer. 1:12) 
He also revealed to me that the cloud in which the child was standing was the covering of the Holy Spirit throughout my life. I felt His presence so strongly for so many years, even in times of rebellion, and I believe that presence can best be explained by the cloud I saw in the vision. Additionally, He showed me that just as His presence followed and protected me all throughout my life, that upon receiving the anointing of His revealed presence in 1991, (read more here) I would need to remain standing in His presence in order to do the work to which He'd called me.  I had always held on to the words I'd heard Him say so many years ago--to “use me one day for greater things”-- remembering the words of Christ when He said, “Greater things than these will he do…” (John 14:12).

So, as God continues to watch over His word to perform it in my life, my prayer is that I walk in faithful obedience and love, resting in the shadow of the Almighty, and exalting only the One in whom we find redemption, the forgiveness of sins. May His grace and peace be upon us as we seek His face and rest in His unending faithfulness knowing that His word will not return to Him empty, but will accomplish what He desires and will succeed in the matter for which He sent it. (Is. 55: 11)
Holy God, thank you for revealing Yourself to us so that we may personally know of Your call for our lives. Thank you for the covering of the Holy Spirit throughout our lives, even when we were most undeserving. Keep us in the presence of Your glory Lord, so that we may accomplish "greater works than these" among the people.  All glory and power and honor are Yours, Lord. In Jesus' name, amen.